Hello, and thanks for accepting me into the clan

I currently have my time invested into Destiny. Looking forward to grouping with you guys in RAID’s, and pretty much everything else that the game has to offer. I’m pretty mellow, and always willing to help those in need. My PS4 name is Ataraxx13. My main is currently L25, so hit me up if you need/want to group!

Hi Ataraxx, welcome! It’s nice to meet you. Looking forward to seeing you in Destiny.

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Sounds good man! I’m only level 20 right now :frowning: What other games are you into?

Hey hey! If you need any help I’m almost always on.

I am pretty much into anything that is fun for the PS4, XboxOne, and PC. And if I do not have it, and someone highly recommends it (assuming it’s multiplayer), I will pick it up and give the ol’ college try. PSN is Ataraxx13, add me!

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Make sure you watch this guy. He’s a tool bag, this one…

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