Hello, and the like


I haven’t created a full profile here yet so here’s hoping this works out.
I’m James, one-half of two friends who amateurishly LP, stream, and do a video game podcast.
Our videos are at youtube.com/famousquest
I stream (PS4) at twitch.tv/falconflavoredpunch and he streams (PC) at twitch.tv/jakeojack
and our podcast (Elbow Rocket) is at elbowrocket.podomatic.com and on iTunes.

Nice to meet you all.


Falcon Flavored Punch is kinda clever.

Elbow Rocket sounds like a Tranzor-Z attack.


Welcome to the Dark side brother.


Welcome aboard!


I like yellow cakes hat jump outside of the box and run backwards. You are that yellow cake.


Hi James welcome to Strats!


Thanks for the welcome brigade, although I’m still deciphering

(Elbow Rocket[quote=“teh_ninjaneer, post:2, topic:4739”]
Elbow Rocket sounds like a Tranzor-Z attack.

It’s a Pacific Rim reference.


Welcome! I love to see people streaming.




Nice! My friends and I are also doing a podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/user/anjl

Welcome to the crew!


JAMES YOU’RE HEEEEEEERE! I’m so happy you made it.

Hiii + welcome to Strats, friend. :smile:


Welcome! I cannot wait to check out your podcast. I have been looking for one to listen to on the regular.


Hello, and welcome


Thanks, I hope you enjoy it.
Again its at both the website elbowrocket.podomatic.com or on iTunes under Elbow Rocket in podcasts. We always host the last 2 months or so of episodes, but if you want older ones I can send them via google cloud.

Our show is 1 hr and weekly and is mostly video game-based, with detours for our own lives, movies and anime.


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