Hello! BGM487 Here!

Hola folks, BGM487 (people call me Bru IRL name is Bruno). Just looking for a fun group of people to team up with and play some games.

I’ve played a bunch of different MMOs and other games. Really jumping on here for Destiny on PS4. My PSN alias is BGM487

I am 26 years old. I work in the biotech industry near Boston. I’m working on my MBA part-time. I’m engaged to be married April 2015 in Cancun…

and that’s a snapshot of me at the moment!

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Sounds good. Glad to have you around. What level are you on Destiny?

Just hit lvl4 !


Welcome, if you have any other multiplayer games you are into let us know. There might be some folks on here looking for people to play the same game. You can check out our LFG category


Can is ask what website brought you to Strats?

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