Hello Everybody


Hello Everybody,

My Nickname as you can see is AlbertX. I am from Venezuela (living in the UK right now) and I am36 years old.

I got to this forum thanks to my friend @xploz1on of people who like me have jobs and not enough time to play online 24/7 hehehe.

I am a gamer of course just like you all, I have many game systems starting from the Snes up to the PS4 and a Good Gaming PC.

Right now I just finished Uncharted 4 and deciding what to play next.

I do like multiplayer games (specially cooperative games with a story like Borderlands) but competitive games like Overwatch I don’t usually play unless I have a group of friends to play with (who won’t be insulting me at every mistake).

So if anyone is waiting to start a new cooperative game or making a team to play something just let me know and maybe I will Join.

I am also a youtuber (if that is a term, to me anyone with a video on youtube is a youtuber) but I do spanish videos only.

My videos are not crazy kinetic videos, I like to take my time and explain and avoid controversy, like Pc Master Race (hate that term) or get into stupid technical discussions like Xbox One is 900p and Ps4 is 1080p, to me technical is an important part but is not enough to ruin a game, those numbers are making too much damage., so I hope you guys like it and subscribe (I am very small just 69 subscribers).

Other than that I just hope to learn about this site and all of you guys.



Welcome to Strats!


Welcome to the party!


Welcome welcome @AlbertX

Hope you enjoy the cave, have fun and go crazy!

We should group and play some Uncharted 4 MP.


Welcome aboard!


He I am Still trying to figure out the whole forum hehehe thank you guys.


Hey mate, welcome to the party! Any friend of @xploz1on will be regarded with suspicion (j/k ;)). Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues.


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