Hello Everybody!

I’m a 26 year old on the west coast of the US (PST) who has to balance gaming with a full time job and a wife. That being said I’m still a pretty active gamer, usually on at least 3-4 nights during the week and most weekends on the PS4 (psn name is pdpablo). I’m currently a level 20 Titan and I’m looking forward to strikes and raids with fellow mature gamers, although I will also put my fair share of time into pvp and even story missions if anyone needs help or just wants to run them with someone (possibly for bounties). I have a mic, but am not overly vocal when in a party. Looking forwards to teaming up with some of you guys!

Hi Pdpablo! Nice to meet you and welcome! Feel free to add me on PSN at Nubhugs

Looking forward to seeing you in Destiny!

Welcome to Titan Team! Pretty sure 90% of us play Titans.

Not that I’m complaining. I want to get into Warlock but I just can’t for some reason.

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