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Hello everyone I’m AiKiller!

I’ve been playing games since I was about two years of age! (Pretty young I know!) I love streaming on Twitch and I mostly play Minecraft. I was a big console buff back in the day and loved playing games like Call Of Duty and a lot of games similar but have fallen out of the loop recently and haven’t been able to get back in – although I have gotten to be more of a PC guy and I’m sure if I had one of those games for the PC I’d be all over it. I’ve been apart of the Strats Twitch team for a few weeks or so now but just decided to introduce myself so as I have said and will say alot… Hi!

A few other things about me is that I am 17 years old and use to be a Operator of a decently sized Minecraft server before it had to shut it’s doors after two years of being public. (Operator was head staff and the highest one could be promoted without getting Owner and obviously you can’t get that… :stuck_out_tongue: )

Welp… That’s about it! – Hi Everyone! o/

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Welcome to the Dark side brother.

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Welcome! I miss minecraft.

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Belated welcome aboard? :wink:

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Welcome! I totally go on Minecraft binges, usually when I have insomnia or burnout from other games.


Does this mean he’s a Terminator, sent here to kill @Vocino?


Hey @AiKiller, you’ve been a #teamstrats streamer for a while now, right? I think I’ve hosted your stream for you a few times. If you have any ideas for the Twitch bot let me know!

@Vocino Month maybe? I’m not sure! And here recently since my 16 hour stream you’ve been hosting my every stream. And if I come up with any I’ll be sure to let you know!

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Great. Also FYI if you mention @StratsCo in your tweets either me, @tommy2118, or @Auth will try to throw you a retweet.

Okay sounds great!

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