Hello Everyone Boston Gamer Here

Hello Strats,

I am currently a Destiny player in my 30’s from Boston looking for fun grouping and raiding. I have extensive experience with raiding in mmo’s which is where my gaming passions lie. Played 5 years of WoW and ran a top 5 guild on the server for a few of those years. Currently I have a Wildstar account (although never found anyone to play with and ended up quitting) and a SWTOR account (will probably go back on expansion since I love that game). I have zero experience with VoG so far but plan to watch some videos today to familiarize myself. I am a level 27 Lock currently spending my time grinding for crafting mats to max out my gear. I would love the opportunity to raid with everyone soon. Spredhed is my PS4 handle. I am available around 830 weeknights as I teach tennis for a living and train groups until 8pm nightly.

Hope to meet many of you soon

spredhed (gregg)


Welcome Gregg. Do a search for the PSN name swaps to build a friends list. There’s usually a Strats party chat going on at peak hours where you can jump in games. To schedule something, just make a post with the details.

Good to have you.

Welcome Gregg! Nice to see a new face. Make sure to check out the intro thread, it has a lot of links to great posts here.

Hi Greg welcome to Strats! There are a lot of very good and very organized groups here looking for players like you!

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