Hello everyone, I'm Alex. I'm new here


One of your long term members sent me an invite on Reddit because I was complaining that gaming has lost some its luster since I’ve turned 30. He recommended I come on board, and thus far I’m pleasantly surprised. I know there are tons of gamers out there my age, but we’re hard to find. I’m glad to see there is actually a place for people like us to meet.

A little about myself… I live in southern Wisconsin on the banks of the Mississippi. I spent ten years in the US Army Infantry, served in Afghanistan and Iraq. Currently working as a night service manager at a Chevy/Cadillac dealership. Unmarried, no kids, not a cat person, I’d like to have a dog but right now all I’ve got is a pet plant. (Having a pet plant is exactly like having a pet cat except the plant doesn’t resent you)

I’m pretty preoccupied with work since I’ve been pulling at least 10 hour days 5 days a week for the last three years, but I do find time to play on the weekends and late nights. I get off work at midnight (maybe later) so I’ll probably be hanging with some of you European gamers on the weeknights. Which is fine, I’ve been to Europe. Although I’m not allowed back, you guys were cool.

Here are some of the titles I’m playing on my new PS4…

-Borderlands 2
-Borderlands Pre-Sequel
-Alien Isolation
-Battlefield 4
-Minecraft (I don’t know why I need a PS4 for this one)
-Dying Light
-FarCry 4
-Grand Theft Auto 5
-The Evil Within

And I’m definitely looking to get (but not pre-order)…

-Batman Arkham Knight
-The Division
-Deus Ex MD

Let me know if you’re playing any of the above (or looking forward to) and maybe we could hook up for a coop/multiplayer party of sorts.

NOTE: If you’re a fellow combat veteran who is desperately looking for other people with combat experience to play Battlefield with, count me in


Welcome to strats!! Glad to have you with us. We have quite a few active and retired military in the community so you should have no problem finding some people to play with. If you need anything please don’t hesitate to ask!!


Welcome to the Dark side brother!! I’m a current Marine MP. happy to have you with us!!


Hey mate, welcome aboard; let us know if you have any questions or issues. It’s always nice to see more OD on these forums :wink:


OD?.. Old Dudes?


Hello and welcome to Strats, Alex! It’s always great to see a new face. :blush:

@CheezHed21, I play on the PS4 as well.

I really enjoyed Dying Light, Far Cry 4 is amazingly chaotic + I’m currently on GTAV now. I’d love to do some multi-player with you in Grand Theft Auto online this upcoming Saturday! (I stream on the weekends.)


Olive Drab :wink:


@Auth, Yeah, that does make more sense. But haven’t you heard, the Army’s new color is blue… Which is ridiculous. I still remember the days when we had to starch our uniforms, shine our boots, and we had to wear our berets everywhere we went. Those were the good old days.

@Simplyundrea, Sounds good to me. I’ve been looking for a few people to play GTAV with. Right now my GTAV online experience consists of signing in, getting shot or run over, then rage quiting.


@CheezHed21: Awesome! Can’t wait. :smile: What’s your PSN gamer tag? And honestly, it was the same with me when I first logged in online. I kept getting ran over just trying to buy clothes for my character. XD


@simplyundrea, Same as my username [Cheezhed21]

I haven’t enough really started any of the new heist missions because I can’t seem to find anyone capable of remaining dedicated to the mission. Everyone signs on and then spends the whole time goofing around. I actually watched the hostages while someone else was drilling the vault for an hour… A literal hour!.. I kept thinking to myself “Wow, these heists are really going for realism. It’s taking him forever to drill through that solid steel vault door”… But actually he had just left me.


Hey Alex, welcome! Another 30+ gamer to be old farty with us.


FTFY :wink:


@auth, I didn’t mind them because mine looked sexy. I had that thing done up just right. Same beret for almost ten years.


Welcome to Strats! :smile:


I was in a ceremonial unit, we hated the beret because they made your head hot for no reason (seriously, black wool?), most people’s look like crap, and they did nothing for us on the parade field against the afternoon sun.


Welcome! You have a great game list there. Some of us were talking about playing borderlands 2 tonight.


Hi AL welcome to Strats! Sounds like someone is enjoying their new PS4 with that strong list. Don’t hesitate to throw up a post on a game you’d like to get into, never know who might be interested in joining you.


I miss those days. ACUs can blow me.


About time they came around! Welcome to Strats brother!


Welcome aboard,