Hello everyone! (Introductions yay!)


My name is Mitchell and I found you guys through the videos posted on Reddit. I absolutely love the teamwork and the synergy being used between the different class abilities. It’s awesome seeing that kind of teamwork. Reminds me a lot of League of Legends. I hope to get a chance to show you guys what I got!


Welcome to strats and don’t worry I’m sure you’ll have plenty of chances to show us what you got =).


Awesome, Thanks for the welcome! I am ready to fight! Put me in coach!


Welcome aboard.


Thank you. I am amazed at how powerful this forum is. It’s got some pretty advanced features. I am still exploring it.


With a name like @FromBehind I’m not sure I want to see what you got.

Just sayin’. :hankey:

And welcome to Strats!


I am pretty stealthy. Solo farming black zones has left me to be pretty ninja about things. I usually get the jump on people, or I get popped by a zerg. I think the name “FromBehind” is fitting in both situations. =P

Thanks for the welcome!


Welcome! :strats_blue::strats_blue::strats_blue::strats_blue::strats_blue:


Welcome! :strats_green: I wish I could put those little symbols anywhere on the internet :strats_red::strats_blue::strats_grey::strats_bucktoothyellow:


Welcome to Strats!!


Welcome to the :strats_red: Strats family!


Thanks every one! I am happy to be here!


Welcome to the party


Welcome to the fam!


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