Hello everyone, it's Calibian


Hello everyone,

i joined strats yesterday in albion online and i’m very happy i found a nice and helpfull bunch to play with :wink:

i’m 42, software developer from germany. i played most of the big mmo’s and a couple of smaller ones. what i like most in mmo’s is gathering and crafting then pve and if i have to pvp :wink: i always try to help my guild/community in anyway i can.

i’m looking forward playing with you!




Welcome! Can’t wait for you to get on Mumble and hang out!


Hey @Calibian, welcome! Definitely recommend hopping in Mumble.


Welcome to the party! Let us know if you have any questions or run into any problems :wink:


Welcome aboard. Hope to see you in Albion soon!


Welcome to the Dark side, happy to have you in game brother :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Strats family @Calibian, I hope you’ll have fun =^-^=

##Welcome Calibian


Welcome to Strats!


Hey there welcome


Welcome to starts!


Welcome sir!


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