Hello everyone Memphis1021xX from ps4

I am a personal banker with Wells Fargo so I work good hours, I play destiny a lot lol, I’m from Pennsylvania just looking for other strats teammates to do some raids with :slight_smile: hope to hear from some of you!

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Hey there, welcome. Note that you don’t necessarily need to use the same name as PSN and I’m pretty sure Memphis is available here :smile:

You have 3 days from registration to change your username if you choose to do so.

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Hi Memphis! Welcome to the team. The PS4 players are always into stuff just hop into a fire team and fire away. Good to have you on our side!

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Welcome! Be sure to head over the name swap and add everyone. That will give you a ton of people to play with! What level are you and class?

dem banker’s hours

Isn’t that 9-2 or thereabouts?

with a 2-hour lunch


Lvl 26 Titan I am currently adding everyone :slight_smile: so I hope to see everyone on :slight_smile:

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Yes they are banker hours @teh_ninjaneer lol it’s a good time

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