Hello Everyone! New guy in town, ready to make friends


Hey Everyone,

I’ve been looking for a place like this for a while. My buddies and I have started a Let’s Play channel on YouTube like 3 months ago and I’ve been trying my best to find a community that is informative, insightful and also where you don’t get lost in the crowd. I found this place through a Facebook ad, and so far it looks amazingly helpful.
My name is James and we play pretty much anything. I write and post on behalf of my let’s play group “CraftBrewGamers”. I also do all the recording and editing of all the videos. My buddy Bill provides the snacks and bev’s during game sessions, and the other member of CBG Brian; He is starting to handle the social media aspect.
I would defiantly like any advice and criticism you guys would have to offer. I also would like to possibly build any friendships that may lead to any cross promotions/guest appearances/ or just being a cool friend. So heres to trying to join the Strats family.


Welcome to the community.


Welcome to Strats. …glad to have you with us :smile:


Welcome to Strats!


Welcome aboard @craftbrewgamers! I do have one piece of criticism though…

… you didn’t bring any craft :beers: with you.


Glad to have you here, glory to Arstotzka!


Man, if you can pass a beer through the internet, we would be sharing a nice cold beverage right about now… I know its 9:38 am don’t judge :sunglasses::beers:


Hey gents, welcome to the party! We’ve got a handful of people working YouTube channels who’d probably love the opportunity to colab and such. Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:



If it makes more sense for each of you to have an account here, we can provide all of you a “Craft Brew Gamers” titles. Whatever you prefer.


Welcome aboard. The system is telling me I say that too much so here are some extra words.


Welcome to strats!


Science has obviously let us down.


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