Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!! My name is Justin and I’m Active Duty Air Force. Moving this week actually to Colorado which I’m from so that’s cool. Didn’t get a chance to play the ArcheAge beta, but I’m downloading it now and have decided I want to mostly pirate so I found you guys!! Hope to get started and hang out with you guys soon!!

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Hello Justin, welcome. We have a lot of military folks around that will probably say hello at some point. @Majordomo and @Wheatums are good contacts for ArcheAge.

Hi Justin, welcome to Strats! Good see more ArcheAge players

Welcome Justin make sure you get on mumble and join our server in eana!

MajorDomo means the Elna server. We had some trouble with this name mix up earlier too.

Yeah ill make sure all posts are fixed tomorrow lol

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