Hello from Canada (PST)


Hey there I came across the forum from browsing through reddit.

I am a 29 years old, male, working during regular weekday office hours. For some reason my friends and I have differing taste in games and want to find some people to play with. I used to play a lot of mmorpg (FFIV:ARR, SWKOR) but just don’t have the time to constantly put in at the moment.

The games that I am currently looking to play are:

Starcraft 2
Diablo 3
Dota 2

Feel free to add me on b.net (ToDo #1948) or on steam (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198034520831/).

I have a mic as well and could get one of the softwares (teamspeak, discord, vent) to play so we can be cool lol.

See you guys around in games.


Hey mate, welcome to the party! We’ve got a Mumble server you can find the details for over here. I don’t know that a ton of folks are playing SC2, but you can pretty well always find someone playing Diablo 3 (usually season play) and a bunch of us are preordered on Overwatch (I’m going to be playing a lot tonight). If you’d like a Diablo 3 clan invite, just hit me up on BNet (Auth#1692) and I can sort that out for you. (@senNish, we found you another Dota 2 player!) We’ve also got a Steam group you’re welcome to join. Sorry about the potentially-overwhelming information dump; let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


A fellow Canadian PSTer! Welcome to Strats! You in the Lower Mainland?


Yep. Lower mainland.


Welcome aboard, I hope you find the droids you’re looking for here.


Welcome to Strats, grab a beer!


Welcome to Strats!


Welcome to the crew!


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