Hello from GuardianOfLaoria & Laoria of Light


Hello! We’re a couple(we’re engaged) that streams, and plays games together. We mainly play LoL(the game we met in), but we also love many types of other games such as strategy games, MMO’s, other MOBA’s, and survival games. We do occasional giveaways of games, Riot Points, and in game codes.

We love to communicate, and interact with users on Twitch, so stop by our Twitch page sometime @ http://www.twitch.tv/guardianoflaoria you can also find on other social websites such as YouTube @ https://www.youtube.com/user/GuardianOfLaoria/ Twitter @ https://twitter.com/GuardianOfLao and of course Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/GuardianOfLaoria

We hope to see you around sometime! :smiley:

edit: Just thought I’d note I’m the guy(GuardianOfLaoria)


that’s awesome! welcome to the group. Can you email my wife and tell her she needs to discover gaming…or at least get her off my ass when i’m gaming!


Thanks! Sure! Haha. Might try some simpler games, and try to get into it, or maybe one with a story she might be interested in. IMO there’s a game out there for everyone, they just have to find it.Hopefully she’ll join you in some gaming someday!


Welcome to Strats. We play all kinds of games here. It’s really cool that you and your wife record together.


Thank you! It’s a pleasure to be here! I have to agree, it makes life better!


Hi + welcome to Strats! :smile:


Welcome aboard!


Welcome to Strats!


Welcome to the Dark side, brother and sister!!


Hey mate, welcome aboard; the family that games together, stays together. Let us know if you have any questions or issues :wink:


Hello and welcome. Just tuned in to your stream.


Thank you! Thanks for stopping by the stream today! And a big thanks to the rest of you that also stopped by! It was awesome hanging out with you all! Also another big thanks for those of you hosted us!


Was fun to chill in the stream, enjoyed it alot :slight_smile:


Welcome to Strats!


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