Hello from Ireland


Hi, im Kris. I’m 28. I’m an engineer. I badly need to squad up on bf1, im tired of poor teamplay and want to learn from more expierenced bf players.

See you on the battlefield!


Welcome to the party! Grab yourself a pint of our very own Strats :beer: while you’re here. Are you on console or PC?


Hey, thanks! I’m on ps4, used to be on PC years ago…miss those days. I’m keen to get in the ps community for bf1…


Whats going on kris. Im new on here too lookin for a bf squad on ps4. Add me psn: iRackem92. Medic. Ptfo. Micd as well. Ill be on in a few.


Excellent, i wont be on tonight as the lady wants some tv time together… Doh! But will and surely


No worries no worries i understand. I sure as hell wouldnt want my lady opening the gates of hell on me over a game. Whenever you see me on tho feel free to invite dont hesitate.


Welcome to the crew! Glad to have you aboard.


Hey mate, welcome to the party! There’s definitely a bunch of BF1 on PS4 players running about, so I doubt you’ll have any issues finding some squad mates:

Also, let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


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