Hello from Jewel!

My name is Jewel but I mostly go by “Laughter” in the gaming community. I’m a 27 year old living near St. Louis on the Illinois side. I have been passionate about gaming since childhood and it’s the one hobby I have stayed with throughout all these years. My first console was the Nintendo Entertainment System where I played hours and hours of Super Mario. When I was older I switched to PlayStation logging time in games like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro.

It wasn’t until my early teen years that the computer became my main form of gaming. Neopets was a way of life for a long time followed by Diablo 2 and The Sims. When I was a senior I started playing World of Warcraft around the time it released. It was my first MMORPG and some of the best memories I will ever have in gaming.

I strictly played World of Warcraft for several years until I ventured into Aion which followed the start of my MMO journey where I found a true passion in testing them all out. MMOs aren’t the only games I enjoy I ventured into RPGs, MOBAs, Shooters, and anything that looked interesting to me. I think of myself as a gaming nomad - I go where the wind takes me. I am open to trying anything and playing multiple games at once.

When it comes to my personal life I am just a girl who loves to bake, read, drink coffee, relax with a beer, and catch up on my favorite shows.

Currently playing:

Heroes of the Storm
World of Warcraft
Guild Wars 2
Dying Light

I post my content onto my website: http://laughterplays.com


Welcome to Strats! Thanks for the great Introduction. I have logged more hours in Crash Bandicoot then I really should admit to.

Welcome, I hope you have a nice stay at Strats, and tip your bag boy.

Welcome to Strats!

Hi Jewel welcome to Strats! I take it by the list you game mostly on the PC? How did you come across Strats?

It was advertised on Facebook and signed up when I noticed @Vocino seems to own this? We follow each other on Twitter. Figured ah hell why not?


Welcome to Strats Jewel.

You mention that you switched to Playstation, is that where you’re playing Evolve / Dying Light?

Actually, I have a PS4 I bought for Destiny but honestly just prefer my computer. I haven’t touched it since Destiny came out. My kid plays a lot of Minecraft, Disney Infinity, and Skylanders on the PS4 though.

I am playing Dying Light (just started) and Evolve on PC.

Fair enough. I haven’t played much on PC lately.

I’d honestly play my PS4 more often if it was in my office. It’s in our family room and I find it awkward to game on my sofa at a distance. I guess I am just use to the up close feeling PC gaming gives. I think if I hooked it up to my monitor it would feel natural.

I’m right there with you. I got my PS4 hooked up in the computer / office room on a TV there. I sit about 3-4 feet from it (if that) even though it’s a 50".

Even if I game out in the living room, I’m pulling a chair or something in close and sit only a few feet away.

I grew up on PC gaming so that’s probably part of it. The other reason I’m sure is because I need glasses and I’ve been to lazy to actually go get my eyes tested and buy a pair, haha.


Oh I have glasses! Problem is I can’t find them. HAHA. I grew up gaming on consoles until I was about 15… then it’s been nothing but PC for 12 years.

Ya, well I should say I was given glasses back when I was 12 or so. My eyesite has gotten a bit worse, and I haven’t worn glasses for 10 years now, nor do I know where my original pair went.

I did do gaming on the original Xbox, and PS2, but I fell in love with the competitive FPS gaming which you just couldn’t do on console. So a large chunk of it was PC with a sprinkling of RPG, Sports, and such on consoles.

What do you think of evolve? I didn’t think much of it until I saw a live stream.

Welcome to the Dark side sister!! My nickname has been Crash Bandicoot for a few years now, for multiple reasons lol.

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Evolve is a freaking blast! No regrets buying it yet and I have been playing daily for a few hours.

I thought your nickname was Drizz or “Scrubby Scrubbington”. In fact I don’t think anyone has ever called you Crash Bandicoot here…


Welcome to strats Jewell!! Glad to have you with us. If you need anything feel free to ask. :grinning:

Welcome @Laughter. Glad you found me here! :smiley:

She and I actually were in a Wildstar guild together but she probably isn’t aware I’m a part of this community.

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HEY. I had no idea you were here! ^-^