Hello from Kroehre

Hey my name is Keith, heard about strats from a friend. I’m a rubyist web developer from Northwest Arkansas. I like playing multiplayer games, especially team / squad games, turn-based strategy, and creative / sandbox games. I’ve been playing a lot of Insurgency lately.


Welcome to our community!

@therubymug, oh snap.

Also welcome!

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Yep, I work with @therubymug. He’s the friend that told me about strats.

Hi Keith welcome to Strats! Someone was talking very highly about Insurgency the other day. What are your thoughts on it?

Well that explains it. lol

It’s a great game. Pretty active community and the developers seem to be pretty responsive to player feedback. I especially like the co-op modes. Mac support is a plus too and I think linux support is coming.


Hah, well it all makes sense now! :smile:

Welcome aboard!

Welcome to the Dark side brother.

Welcome, hope to see you out in the ether.

Hiiiiii, @kroehre! Welcome to Strats. :smiley: It’s great to see all these new faces. We’re happy to have you.

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