Hello from Paradisegirl


Hi, this is Ertan from Turkey.

I generaly play Top Down RPD game at PVE side. I love gattering and crafting also kill mob instead of other player :slight_smile: I think that is coused my age ( 35 years older man :smiley: play with you :slight_smile: ) anyway I already play some other MM Top Down RPG game as Drakensang, RuneScape, UO ( not more ) also play some other not mmrpg game as Diablo1, Diablo2, Diablo3, Sacred ( if you play this game thos time you can understand Albion and Sacred same : ) )

In this game I searching good team players for play togather and make best PVE+PVP team also for GVG.

In this game I select WarBow for standalone play and PVP and LongBow for party play also Danguen…

I hope we will play togather :).


Welcome aboard.


Welcome to Strats! :smile:


Welcome to the community!


I hope we will play this game togather for many years :slight_smile:


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