Hello from Screamopancakes


Hello guys, my name is Corbin Casper(Just like the ghost). Was welcomed to this community by @screamowaffles. We used to play Xbox a lot together but with the recent consoles that have come out we went opposite directions(XBL and PSN). However it looks like you guys have recently added a Minecraft server. Thus providing us with a way to play games together again.

Some other games that i play a lot would be WoW(alliance side) and CoD. Looks like you guys have a great community going here and would love to have fun with you guys:) I mostly prefer the multiplayer side of gaming, the kind of person who skips the campaign to go get a head start on the level grinding. So if anyone ever needs someone to play CoD/BF(XB1) or WoW with just send me a message and ill be glad to join you.


Welcome! c:


Welcome aboard! All the information you need for our Minecraft server can be found here. Before adding yourself to the whitelist-list, I highly recommend you check out the videos so you know about the plugins we’re using and their functions. They make life super-convenient, but you might find yourself very confused if you don’t take a few minutes to figure out how things work before diving in.

If you have any questions or need anything, feel free to ask :wink:


Already checked it out :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads up though.


Welcome :smile:




Why are so many food items screaming?


Welcome aboard! My last name’s Casperson, where I derived my username from and it is gcaspers on ps4 if you ever decide to switch consoles. Maybe see you on Minecraft if i up for that.


Welcome to the Dark side brother.


Wait I get it now
Casperson is Corbin Casper’s kid…how cool!
Sorry for the bad joke
Welcome to the cool kids club


Because you can never have to many screaming foods.


Welcome @Screamopancakes!! We have waffles and pancakes…I think I’ll change my name to ScreamOBacon!! :+1:


Woah what long time no see Corbin


Hi Pancakes welcome!


Welcome Pancakes.


Oo can I be ScreamoBanana!?!?


Hiiiiiii + welcome! :slight_smile:


Can we get a dislike button for this one? Screamobananas? Nope. How about Screamofrenchtoast?


Don’t be jealous of my awesome name.
How about Screamocurry?


Drizz pls. Who wants to be “Screamobananas”. That sounds like someone who gets noogies and possibly wedgies. Come up with a better screaming food item, preferably non-perishable. There is only room for two screaming breakfast items and pancakes just took the spot, and possibly your spot in my best buddies list.