Hello from Screamopancakes

Hello guys, my name is Corbin Casper(Just like the ghost). Was welcomed to this community by @screamowaffles. We used to play Xbox a lot together but with the recent consoles that have come out we went opposite directions(XBL and PSN). However it looks like you guys have recently added a Minecraft server. Thus providing us with a way to play games together again.

Some other games that i play a lot would be WoW(alliance side) and CoD. Looks like you guys have a great community going here and would love to have fun with you guys:) I mostly prefer the multiplayer side of gaming, the kind of person who skips the campaign to go get a head start on the level grinding. So if anyone ever needs someone to play CoD/BF(XB1) or WoW with just send me a message and ill be glad to join you.


Welcome! c:

Welcome aboard! All the information you need for our Minecraft server can be found here. Before adding yourself to the whitelist-list, I highly recommend you check out the videos so you know about the plugins we’re using and their functions. They make life super-convenient, but you might find yourself very confused if you don’t take a few minutes to figure out how things work before diving in.

If you have any questions or need anything, feel free to ask :wink:

Already checked it out :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads up though.

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Welcome :smile:


Why are so many food items screaming?

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Welcome aboard! My last name’s Casperson, where I derived my username from and it is gcaspers on ps4 if you ever decide to switch consoles. Maybe see you on Minecraft if i up for that.

Welcome to the Dark side brother.

Wait I get it now
Casperson is Corbin Casper’s kid…how cool!
Sorry for the bad joke
Welcome to the cool kids club

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Because you can never have to many screaming foods.


Welcome @Screamopancakes!! We have waffles and pancakes…I think I’ll change my name to ScreamOBacon!! :+1:

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Woah what long time no see Corbin

Hi Pancakes welcome!

Welcome Pancakes.

Oo can I be ScreamoBanana!?!?

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Hiiiiiii + welcome! :slight_smile:

Can we get a dislike button for this one? Screamobananas? Nope. How about Screamofrenchtoast?


Don’t be jealous of my awesome name.
How about Screamocurry?

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Drizz pls. Who wants to be “Screamobananas”. That sounds like someone who gets noogies and possibly wedgies. Come up with a better screaming food item, preferably non-perishable. There is only room for two screaming breakfast items and pancakes just took the spot, and possibly your spot in my best buddies list.