Hello from Skantzo



Howdy all.
I got here through intro on the Division discord from RedBeerde.

Looking for a mature, communication-focused community to play The Division with.
Don’t play as often as I used to back in the day but will game from time-to-time during the week, playing mostly RainbowSix Siege on PC.

The Division is the first MMO-eqsue game in some time that has grabbed my attention and will be playing at release. Have a small group of two others who will be playing also who are RL friends.

My details:

  • Brooklyn-born, Brooklyn-raised
  • Pushing 30 with a kid on the way
  • An executive during the day but a gamer/geek after-hours

Interested in good community-vibe and partnership over anything else.

LMK where to get started, what I should expect and what’s next.

-Skantzo (pronounced Scan-tzoh, short for ‘Skantzoheiro’ which is porcupine in Greek)

UplayID Skantzo
SteamID http://steamcommunity.com/id/skantz




Welcome! As for what is next, there is no application procedure or anything like you may be used to, just feel free to hop on Discord and Mumble and join in the conversation.

We have a weekly meeting in Mumble, affectionately referred to as Strats Weekly, Mondays @ 9PM EST, as well as a Saturday gaming event we call Straturday.

I see you posted in the Division Clan thread as well, so we’ll get you added through there as well.

The only other things I recommend checking out are the FAQ, and the explanation of the trust levels we use for members.

Welcome to Strats, see you out there.


Welcome to Strats, hope to game with you soon.


Welcome to the Cave!! Have fun and enjoy!


Glad to have you with us. :beard:


welcome to the crazy


Welcome to Strats!!! glad to have you with us :smile:




welcome aboard man; glad to keep seeing more faces.


Hey mate, welcome to the party! I see folks have already pointed you all over the place, so I won’t inundate you with anything more; let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


Welcome to Strats! What other games do you play?


Right now I’m playing:

  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Superhot
  • Fallout 4
  • Starcraft 2

I have:

  • Albion closed beta

Used to play Rust religiously but lost too much real life time to it.

Tempted to start playing LoL again.

Have a few others but not playing much else…


I’ve heard a lot about Superhot lately. I’ve seen a bunch of gifs of it.


Welcome to Strats Family!


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