Hello from Texas

Hey, I’m Phil. Just got out of the Army as a musician, going to school for computer science, want to open a game studio. I’m working on somethin right now actually, hope to have something small out pretty soon. I love Strats’ atmosphere, introduced to it by Auth. I’m interested in most games with interesting mechanics and/or story and looking forward to playing some Minecraft and hopefully others with you all.


Welcome @Philspaz!

Hi Phil welcome to Strats! What genre of game are you looking to make?

Welcome to the Dark side brother. What instrument did you play?


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Welcome to Strats and Thank you for your service to our great nation!

the first couple are going to be mini games that will eventually be a full fantasy RPG. I like to imagine if Battlemage Lichdom and Shadow of the Colossus had a baby that’d be what I’m shooting for… with more robust magic mechanics :smile:

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I played trumpet, also was a vocalist in a few groups


That’s awesome man, never could play brass instruments.

me either really, just enough to get by, much better singer than player

Nice, i played sax, but didn’t want to go in as a musician.

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Yay! A musician! (That’s awesome that you play the trumpet.)

@Philspaz, hello and welcome to Strats! :smiley: I hope that you enjoy your stay.

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Welcome Aboard!

Happy to have you here! More people means more potential for multiplayer!

Welcome to Strats :smile:

Welcome to strats!

Welome! Do you know what game engine, if any, you’ll be using to develop the game?

Welcome to Strats!

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