Hello from the frigid north


Hi all, John here and my toon, Benatar, just got an invite in ArcheAge to join Strats. I’m 55 and been playing mostly MMO’s for the past 15 years. I’m a civil engineer/civil designer working on the north slope of Alaska…yes, we have internet in Alaska. I play mainly on PC, but I might have to give Destiny a go on my Xbox

I look forward to seeing ya in game…cheers


Welcome! I’ve always wanted to go to Alaska. It looks amazing.


Thx, it is really pretty here today, but the snow is starting to creep down the mountains…winter is coming…ok, bad Game of Thrones reference there,


Too cold, I’ll stay in Houston where it’s above 80 until January :wink:


Fellow CE here… semi-retired.

since I got downsized back in '10


Welcome welcome, see you in Mumble soon!


Hi John! Welcome to Strats!


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