Hello from the tunnels!

I’ve been playing games since as long as I can remember. (A long, long time.) I like a wide variety of games, and sometimes try new things in games. (Current project: World of PacifistCraft, leveling by non kill quests, gathering and exploration. http://bit.ly/1xb78Hg )

I’ve kicked around for a long time, been involved with some sites, done some writing about games (mostly humor), and find it a relaxing way to relax from the day job or the stresses of an active life. Sadly, I don’t get as much time to play as I want, but do manage to squeeze in some WoW, Kerbal Space Program, or when I can gather my punks (we refer to them as the Goon Squad (Not to be confused with the other Goon Squads out there (RIP Andre))), Disney Infinity. (2.0 is made of awesome.)

I play stuff on Steam, Battle.net, XB360 and probably XB1 when I get around to upgrading.

Hey @MrSavage, welcome to Strats! Your World of PacifistCraft project looks ridiculously difficult. :smile:

I’m confused, are you a Goon Squad member? I used to do fleet command in Goonfleet back in the day but it got a bit toxic for my taste.

No, that’s why I needed to differentiate. We have 4 kids in the house 11-16. So it’s more of a squad of teenage goons. I think I’ll change it to the Brute Squad, in the near future. (I don’t like toxicity, I tend to look for the good in people, even people that are doing something that I don’t agree with.)


Ah, that makes sense. One thing is for sure, you are in good company here in regards to the delicate balance of real life and serious gaming. Being a grownup sucks.

Welcome on board MrSavage, glad to have you!!


Yeah, I prefer having a house, and food, and moderately well adjusted kids. :wink:

Welcome to Strats MrSavage! With an age range of 11-16 I think the Goon Squad is a very appropriate name :wink:

Also your PacifistCraft project is huge. How far along are you? I remember a year or so ago hearing about similar projects. Thats news worthy

Thank you! I’m just short of level 7, which was the first 4 hours of play (Honestly, I think the first three levels was the worst because I had to work up to getting the funds for gathering skills.) I hope to grind out some more this weekend. I’ll probably Twitch stream as I play, and then update the tumblr to post periodically over the next week.

Keeping documentation through streaming and a blog is even better. You do a good job telling a story for the reader. Keep us updated!

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If you want to make a video on it for the Strats YouTube channel we would love that. We’ve only recently started to really thinking about content for it although a lot of us have been long-time streamers or gameplay video people.

We should probably put up more video considering our first and only video received more than 16,000 views. :baby:


I’m still working out the kinks in twitch, I need to review my local files and see if the pixelation that is occurring is there or part of the compression for twitch. Once I get it figured out, I’ll happily contribute what I can.

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Welcome… Glad to have you with us!

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