Hello From TheNotoriousDC!



Thank you for welcoming me into your guild! I heard about teamstrats from the summer 2015 albion online alpha email. I really appreciate all of you being open to albion newbs from the beginning.

I live in the USA in the PST time zone (the left coast is the best coast! hehe :sunglasses:) and am looking for other MMORPG players who will be around in the evenings to play with me after I get home from work.

I have played many, many, many MMORPGs including EQ1, WOW, COH/COV, SWTOR, AOW (rip wushu! I miss meh kung fu :cry:) and Archeage. I helped alpha test the american version of Archeage from the beginning.

I look forward to setting up my farm, then arming up to help protect my guildies while they are farming precious, precious red zone resources. I’m not afraid of a fight!


EQ1 was my first MMO as well. I played a monk until I realized I was much better with healer/support characters. In City of Heroes I played a kinetic defender and loved the built-in super speed and super jump. No need to take a travel power!

If you miss the kung fu, have you looked at Blade & Soul yet? It might satisfy your needs once it is released,


Wewts kung fu! I’ll have to take a look at it when it comes out!

I was a beastlord back in the day! I miss training people who were unpleasant (I was good friends with a bard hehe :smiling_imp: ). Choochoooo!

I usually play off tank or crowd control. I’m hoping the archer skill tree will let me get some powerful stuns. I love stunning prey in group pvp so my team mates can beat them to death!


Welcome to the Dark side, we’re happy to have you here and all of your experience :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard!


Welcome to the Strats family @TheNotoriousDC, I hope you’ll have fun =^-^=

##Welcome TheNotoriousDC


Hey mate, welcome to the party; it’s nice to see more salty MMO veterans turning up for Albion. Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


Welcome! Can’t wait to play some Albion with ya!


Welcome! Looking forward to seeing you in Albion!


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