Hello from USA, introducing myself


Hi, I’m Daniel I’m new to this community I play bf1 on ps4 and looking for a squad I’m excited to be here and hope everything works well. My psn is copethevayne . I don’t have a mic atm


Hey would love to have some good squad play teamwork. I play a lot in evening and late night. Psn is Onyxlion87. Have mic.


Welcome to StratsCo good sir!


Damn Daniel! My name is also Daniel :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the cave, have fun go crazy and…

Unless its friday!

We have a PSN community, We have an ongooin party chat pretty much every day.

I usually play after 5pm EDT

If you need any help, or confusing about the Forums + Discord linking, let us now.


I sent you a fq on psn to be added to the community


Once i get home i will add you and send you an invite.

See ya on the Battlefield Soldier!


Welcome to the crew. Glad to have you aboard!




Welcome on board the Strats party bus! No mic, eh? Make it easier to drink a :beer: or two while fragging. Assuming you’re legal of course. The Strats bar is completely above board.


Welcome to Strats! Hope to see ya around!


Welcome to Strats! I look forward to seeing you in game.


Hello there!


Hello and welcome


Hey mate, welcome to the party! Good to see some more late-nighters on PS4 to keep @xploz1on and me company. Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


I’m not good enough?!


I’ve only played with you, like, once because of school!

Also, until you stay up until 4am with us and @JayMercury on a week night, no, you’re not :wink:

(We really have to stop doing that, @xploz1on)


Will NOT ever do that again if i have to work. Getting 1.5 hours of sleep is no bueno!




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