Hello From ZalantiusTv :P


Was looking for a new nice community to join and have liked Strats so far, was a lurker for a couple of weeks before deciding to join ^^

Currently upgrading my PC to start streaming again on Twitch.tv
Im 22, British and my Real name is Darcy.
I currently have 2k+ Followers on Twitch/ 60k Followers on Twitter and 11k+ on IG , Looking to increase my streams community and hopefully be a part of something a bit bigger than just Twitch :slight_smile:
Really looking forward too seeing where this takes me and my friendships <3


Welcome to the community!


Thank You Very much :smile: x


What do you stream. Any games in particular or just a variety of stuff.


A big variety but mostly stuff such as Rust, The Forest, Black Desert , WoW (When the expanses actually excite me ^^) , Skyrim, CSGO, and a few others if i’m playing them, But when my pc is upgraded ill probably be choosing 2 games that I will stream and then a day where I will stream other random games (sort of like a random play day) as I do like Indie Games : )


Welcome to Strats! We actually have a Rust server. We also have an Ark server, similar game, but with dinosaurs.


Awesome! Would deffinately like too check out your rust server, I wanted to try ark but unfortunately my old pc just couldn’t handle it, This one will though so might check that out too :smiley:


welcome aboard


Thank You @Zniri x


Good variety of game. In addition to rust and ark, we will be starting up a Black Desert guild also. We will be on Eden server if that interest you.


Yes I would be really interested in joining your Guild : ) Cant wait to get my Pc, im actually about to upload a topic with the new Build that i’m making too see if anyone has any opinions on anything that needs changing.




Welcome to Strats!!! glad to have you join us :smile:


Welcome to strats! Glad to see another friendly face.


Hehe Thank you @blinkbrac and @Droul

Really liking the Site so far : )


Hey mate, welcome to the party! It seems like everyone’s already pointed you all over the place, so just let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


Welcome to the party.


Hooray a forest buddy!


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