Hello, Gabe here


Nice to find a welcoming guild! I’m a father of 4 girls, age range 10 years to almost 2. I’m a very casual gamer usually playing at night after everybody has gone to bed, so I usually don’t chat much cause I’m trying to keep quiet. Console of choice right now is PS4 and I just picked up a copy of ESO so I’m trying to get acquainted with that. I live in Georgia so I’m in the eastern time zone. Look forward to making some new friends!


Welcome! I transferred my TESO characters from PC to PS4 but haven’t played a lot since launch. I have a 20-something and a 16-ish on the Daggerfall side. Maybe I’ll get started on the game again soon.

Any other PS4 or PC games you play?


A fellow Southerner! Awesomeness! Welcome to the Strats Fam!


I’ve lost way to much sleep playing Destiny and still feel like a newbie there. My PS4 gamer tag is I3READFAN. Any Metallica fans might recognize that name. Alien: Isolation, Diablo 3, have a few others as well but those are the current playlist.


Thanks, love the south! As a disclaimer, I am NOT a Dawgs fan. GO GATORS! :smile:


Welcome to the party, fellow southlander! Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:




Welcome to the Dark side brother, glad to have you here.


Hey there welcome to Strats family


Welcome to the Strats family @Skunkape, I hope you’ll have fun =^-^=

##Welcome Skunkape




Welcome to Strats! I know there are a number of folks who play ESO, dunno what the current engagement level is at.


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