Hello, hello!

Newby here! I am brand spanking new to the MMO genre. “Destiny” peaked my interest in this genre. My favs include couch co-op such as Justice League Heros on the PS3 and Army of Two on XBox 360. Now finally have a PS4 and XBoxOne and am looking forward to new gaming!

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Welcome, if you have any other multiplayer games you like to play let us know. There might be some folks on here looking to play the same games. Check out our LFG category.

Is @Biff_Tannen a BOT?


No I’m a real person :stuck_out_tongue:

The bot keeps lying to people. I need to talk to @vocino to have him fix the programming…

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Oops, sorry man. All of your welcome introduction replies look the same and I didn’t want to feel stupid carrying on a conversation with a program. I’ve been tricked before! Thanks for the welcome!

Yeah copy and pasting is easy. Trying to get people to let us know what other games they play. I am the ambassador for the non big box titles.

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It’s all good!

Another ninja around here!

Destiny seems to be a good MMO entry game, especially for the consolers who might not have tried DCUO yet. From what I have played so far they seem to have done well creating their MMORPFPSG.

I enjoy seeing other people on the maps who aren’t in my group. It makes the world feel “fuller” I guess, like I’m not the sole hero of the story. It seems believable that I would cross paths with other Guardians and we could choose to help each other or not.

Ninja party!

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