Hello I'm a51hq

Yep I’m a51hq. I play a few games. ESO, Minecraft, EVE Online (on and off) and a few others. Got a ps4 with a few games.

That’s about it for now.

Hi a51hq, welcome to Starts. What do you play on your ps4?

Well got GTA 5 on the ps3 so will wait for the pc version. Ps4 games are Watchdogs, Wolfenstein, Spiderman (not played) , Knack (not played) , Evil Within (not played) and COD Ghosts.

welcome aboard!


Welcome to the best little corner in the internet! :coffee:

Welcome to the Dark side brother!

Welcome aboard; how did you hear about us?

A member @Carl_Waddell invited me.

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Welcome would love to see you on the Minecraft server!


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O I will be just need to finish work first!

Great recommendation @Carl_Waddell look like a great group!

There are the best group I have found, I only play ESO but need to get on the Minecraft server also. Enjoy

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