Hello I'm CoLdFiRe808


Hi my name is K. and I read your page and I think this might be the right place for me. When I was 5 my parents bought me and NES and the addiction to video games never ended. I joined the Navy after High school served for 6 years and some change, during that time I went on 4 deployments, needless to say after our shift my friends and I would spend hours playing games like Halo3, Smash borthers, and street fighter vs capcom. It helped us keep our sanity at times. I’m now a civilian contractor working for the military. I’m married and I have 2 little girls. I attend UOPX once a week at night where I’m halfway to my BA in business management.

Somewhere between my family, work, business, and school, I try to carve out 1-3 hours a day for gaming. Although I can’t commit to schedules like most clans do to raiding and gaming, If you see me on I’m always willing to party up and help out. I love pvp and though I’m not the best I can usually finish with a positive kill to death ratio. I’m currently on destiny and hardline until the division drops then that might be my thing.

I’m on Xbox CoLdFiRe808 send me a message if you add me and say you are from Strat so I know I get a lot of clan request from random people to join and I usually reject them.


Welcome to the cave man! Enjoy your stay and if you have any questions, we are here to help!


welcome aboard


Welcome to Strats.


Hey mate, welcome to the party. Like I mentioned to @XtasyArmada, we’ve got a fair few vets and active duty hanging around, so you’ll likely fit in well. Let us know if you have any questions or if you encounter a problem :wink:


Howdy! Welcome to the fam!


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