Hello I'm Ky1oRyan


Hey guys and gals new here and looking for a place to talk about my favorite games, and other nerd like things ie. my name is based on star wars.


Oh god that name is punny. What platform do you play on?


Nice to met you Dadspicable, great play on words, I am currently playing on Xbox One, saving up right now to build a new pc. Used to have a PS4. What about you what is your preferred platform?


Welcome to Strats!


Thank you! Pretty awesome community here, by the people for the people kind of vibe.


Most of us play on PS4 and PC. Depends on the games though.


Yeah I’m working on getting a working gaming rig, once I can save up enough!


That’s awesome. I know it’s a big jump, but there is so much you can do.


I know I am extremely excited, I used to have one back in the days of Halo 2, so it’s a little outdated. Thanks for the welcome!


I play on PC, have for about 7 years. Before that I had an xbox 360, ps2, gameboy systems of varying ages and a Sega Genesis. PC man, my god it’s where it’s at man. There’s a bunch of pc gamers on here so feel free to ask for advice and pricing tactics ie: Savings. For example if you own a laptop you might as well make a steam account since sometimes Steam gives away free games for a limited time such as this deal called “Make Love Not War 3” it’s 3 retro games that usually cost 4.99-14.99


Yeah I saw that they had golden axe on there today. Love playing those retro games we used to play at arcades. Seems like a lot of people here are pcgamers which is good since I’m hoping to get back into that. Thanks for the welcome!


I’d say the most active members are on PC but hey some of them own multiple consoles ya know. You should hop on the mumble sometime, I was a bit spooked speaking to new people like “How the fuck do I introduce myself” but everyone’s nice so it was just unnecessary worrying. I wish more late night people got on the mumble since I work a graveyard shift job and it get’s boring sometimes but hell people need to sleep lmao.


Welcome @Ky1oRyan glad to see more faces.


Welcome to Strats!


Welcome aboard!!




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