Hello i'm Mike (Breagon1985)


So to introduce myself my name is Mike i’m from Missouri, USA. I’m 30 years old and a father of 1 and married to a great wife that supports my gaming addiction. I am a variety gamer I play everything that i can and then some. I play solo games mostly since I hardly have a group anymore for multiplayer after moving over to Playstation from Xbox this generation. I’m currently about to tackle the Dark Souls series so the salt is going to be very real in my house soon. I love all video games and have an appreciation from indie to major AAA titles. From what I’ve read in other posts this is a great group and looking forward to controlling the DZ in the division with all of you playing.


Welcome to Strats!


Welcome dude! :heart:




Welcome to Strats!


Welcome to Strats man


Welcome Breagon, hopefully you’ve added your PSN id to the clan forum. Glad to see more faces and hope to group up sometime!


Welcome to the cave!!! Have fun and enjoy!!


welcome aboard




Welcome to Strats @breagon1985!!! we are glad to have you join our ranks!! If you click HERE you can add your platform of choice and gamer tag so we can add it to the list!! :smile:


Welcome to the team!


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