Hello. Im steff!

Hello There,
My name is steffan, I am a gamer on the playstation 4.

I only recently upgraded from my ps3 to the ps4, So i do not have many games yet. You will find me playing GTA V more often then anything else.

I am willing to help people improve their overall skills within GTA V Online. In first person and third (Depending on preference)

Feel free to message me to get to know me more. Ask me questions. ill be happy to answer back.

Steff. :smile:

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Hi Steff welcome to Strats! Here is our roster, the post is editable so you can add your name to the list. If you need help just let me know I’ll add you to it. Here is how to join the Crew on the Social Club. You’ll find all our communication about the game on these forums. Looking forward to seeing you in game!


Hey Steff, welcome!

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Welcome aboard!

Hey steff, welcome to the community , see ya in game!

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