Hello, my name is Anthony and this is my introduction


Hello friends, my name is Anthony and I’m a live streamer from San Diego, CA. My stream mainly consist of World of Warcraft arenas, raids and old content farming however I tend to do a lot of variety streams and even stream my graphic design and programming work sometimes. I found this forum by googling around, looking for twitch communities then saw some people I know have signed up so I did too and here we are.



Hi Anthony welcome to Strats! What class do you play as?


I main a dk now but I was a hunter and rogue back in mop.


Hey there, welcome.


Welcome to Strats!! If you need anything feel free to ask :smile:


welcome to Strats!


Heeeey, @Thotfu! You’re finnnnally here! It’s about time you made it over. :smiley: Good to see you here, Anthony.


Had to go away for a bit, but thanks for the welcomes everyone! This is by far the nicest forum I’ve signed up for, a lot of the other ones were slightly more hostile towards new members.


Yeah. Everyone is awesome here. You’ll make a lot of connections for sure.


Don’t see the point in being mean to people. Is it supposed to make them feel better about themselves? Personally being nice makes me feel better about myself.


@Thotfu your here to now, man the almost the entire gang is here now. Glad to have you on board as well


Welcome to the Dark side brother :slight_smile:


Welcome, Anthony! :slight_smile:


Like, I wouldn’t say “mean” per se, just unwelcoming to new members, but a lot of them wouldn’t go out of their way to be mean to someone. I love the instant sense of community on here though, it’s really nice.


Thanks. Its kinda weird how I found this site, was just googling around for twitch community sites after my massive hiatus and found this one, after a bit of browsing I saw some familiar names, signed up and here we are.


Welcome to Strats! Try some of the chocolate river.


Welcome to Strats my friend! :smile:


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