Hello my name is Lillian


hello my name is Lillian, i love to play minecraft alot. I watch alot of youtube about mc to learn more about the game, and i know @kemptra


Welcome to the Dark side!! :slight_smile:


@dashielover: Welcome to Strats, Lillian! :smiley:


Welcome to strats! If you need anything feel free to ask. :smile:


Welcome to the wonderful chaos


thank you for the warm welcomes. :smile:


Welcome to Strats! feel the breeze coming through your room.


Welcome to Strats Dashielover , won’t you be my neighbor =D


Welcome to Strats! :smile:


Hey!, welcome to Strats, its nice to have you with us.


You picked a good time to join as next weekend is our 1st birthday weekend! Join us for the events we have planned for the weekend and if you stream at all join the twitch team


Welcome, Lillian. Glad to see another new face. :slight_smile:




Welcome to Strats! Play minecraft everyday.


Welcome to Strats!


Welcome aboard :slight_smile:


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