Hello my name is silentsneaky


I play counter strike and im on the strats cs go team i play h1z1 hearthstone and few others games



Hey there Silent, what’s up? Glad to see some CS:GO team members here posting threads, get your fellow soldiers to come over more :smile:




Welcome to Strats man! We will have to play some Hearthstone.


Welcome aboard.


Hello + welcome to Strats, @SilentSneaky! (Love your name, btw.)


Hola donde esta the girls :smile:


Im glad to get welcomes :smile:


Hi Sneaky welcome to Strats!


Welcome aboard; let us know if you run into any issues or have any questions :wink:


:thumbsup: :punch: Lets Rock N Roll


yup np


after i reformat my comp ima stream again


my btag is tickls#1154 and my steam is silentsneaky
if anyone cares :smile:


Welcome to Strats! :smile:


Welcome Silent. How you are able to bear the torture that is H1Z1 is beyond me. Sometime we’ll have to run together so maybe I can survive a little longer. :frowning:

Good to have you!




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