Hello, my name is Tom


Hey guys, my name is Tom and I like to play all kinds of games. I just started playing heroes of the storm but have spent a lot of time on Diablo 3 as well as a couple of years on WoW. I look forward to meeting and playing with some of you, thanks for having me guys.


Welcome to the Strats family @tompicazo14, hope you have fun =^-^=

##Praise tompicazo14


Hey mate, welcome to the party; are you playing in Season 3? Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


Hey Tom! We have at least a dozen people playing Heroes so you have plenty of company. Look forward to seeing you in there: RadSavage#1183


He’s here!!! Finally :tongue:


Welcome to Strats! I’m sure we will see you in Heros of the Storm.


Hey Tom, weclome!


Welcome aboard!


Welcome to the Dark side brother :slight_smile:


Yaaaay! Welcome to Strats, Tom. I hope you stay a while.

Have you checked out our Heroes of the Storm Official Team Thread yet?

We have a great support team for you here, @tompicazo14! :smile:


Welcome to Strats!! If you need anything please feel free to ask!!!


Aloha Tom
D3 is excellent game give us the battle net tag so we can invite you


Thanks you for the warm welcome everyone! My btag is MrSlag#1187, I’ll start clearing space for new friends. Looking forward to playing with yall!


I’ll have to check out the thread! I’m new to forums and such so this should be fun


Auth I have been playing season 3 and have a fairly geared crusader (solo 46) so maybe we can do some rifts sometime


Welcome to Strats! Looking forward to seeing you ingame in HotS!


Welcome aboard! Hopefully I’ll see you in HotS or Diablo. :smile:
If you like WoW, you might want to check out some of the threads for Albion Online, an upcoming mmo that we’re gearing up for.


Hi Tom! Even though you play HoS, I think, given time I can get over that and we can be friends…


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