Hello new here looking for bf1 clan ps4



Joe 25 Atlanta

Looking for serious active clan with like-minded people for battlefield one on the PS4. I am a heavy gamer in the wintertime as my work is slow. Previous clans are (OGC) Old gentleman’s club and (SUM) squad up motherf*****.

My psn is southernyank37

Looking forward to some good times



Hey man, welcome to Strats. There’s a nice amount of people that play Battlefield 1 around here. I’d search for the Strats Battlefield 1 Community on PSN and squad up from there. Hope to see ya around!


Welcome to Strats! Grab yourself a :beer: if you’re so inclined. And while we do have a fair number of soldiers in BF1 on the PS4, a quick way to track people down is also through Discord!


Welcome to the party! @xploz1on runs things over on the PS4 side of the house for BF1, and he’s always happy to see more players (it’s never enough). Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


Welcome to Strats! I play along with @xploz1on and @ducksauce88 add me - WizzleMizzle


Thanks y’all

You guys really have an awesome thing going on here very impressive.


Welcome friend!


Welcome welcome





Welcome aboard!


Whats up welcome! Hop in the trenches with us. Psn:iRackem92.


Welcome to the cave friend!

Go crazy, have fun and try not to break anything.

We have a very populated BF1 Comunity: