Hello, new person here


Hey all, Floridian here. Been playing video games all my life, don’t really like to stay in one genre. I like to think I am well versed in it all and do pretty well for what I play. Been looking forward to Destiny for a long time. Can’t wait for some teamwork in there and to conquer PvP and PvE with a good group. I will be on all week as I have taken off work for it. I’m on PS4, PSN is Hi_Voltg3. Hope to see you guys in game.


Welcome! I’m super jealous that you have the week off. Take some time and explore the site. See you in game.


Will do man. I think it’s awesome that it’s mobile friendly.


Hey there, welcome! I grew up in Miami. See you in Destiny, add me on PSN v0c1n0.


Hey man welcome to our group of merry men. Go ahead and check out this here if you haven’t already. Lots of goodies and info!


Hey man welcome! There is always some to play with just hit us up on psn or mumble.


Welcome, if you have more multiplayer games you like to play let us know. We are always looking to expand Strats guilds, clans, platoons etc to other games and there are a ton of people here who would like to play along with you.


I will keep that in mind. Right now I’m just going to be playing Destiny a wholeeeeee lot. Maybe pick up some WoW again for the xpac. We shall see!


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