Hello, Norvex here!


Just dropping my introduction here. I’m a finance student living in eastern Canada. I almost always play multiplayer games and have put many hours into games such as RuneScape, Battlefield, and ArcheAge.

Thanks for having me!


welcome to strats!


Welcome aboard


Have you played any Guild Wars 2?




Looked into it but haven’t tried it yet.


Well, if you’re interested in MMORPGs with good story and Strong PvE content as well as solid PvP content it’s definitely worth a try.

We have decent guild in the game that does guild missions every week, and we are starting on Raid Progression with the recent introduction of raids into the game.

The core game is F2P, if you decide to give it a shot let us know, we’ll get you in the guild get you some help leveling up and what not.


Welcome to Strats! !


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