Hello strat community


I’m a hardcore gamer. I consider myself mlg tho I’m probably not. I currently have a ps4 and pc. If you want to play, ask for my name :smile:


What is your name?


Hey man, welcome to Strats.



Hello @shimpfierie, Glad to have another major leauger in the Community, it gets lonely at the top. :smirk:

Hope you plan to join us in the PS4 Launch of GTA V. Check out “Strats and Crew” here.


Hi shimpfierie welcome to Strats! What kind of games do you get into?


I get into games that have a good story and fun gameplay. No specific genre


Can you be more specific? PSN? Steam? RL?


I’m sure it was a reference to the last line of your post.

What games are you playing or planning to play on PS4?


Everything, when I stalk people I like to be on my “A” game!