Hello strats!

Hello fellow mature gamers! I go by the name SkyhawkDelta online and I’m a college student in Arizona, USA.

I’ve mostly played FPS in the past and played a large amount of Halo PC multiplayer about 4 years ago. Like most new people here right now I’m here for Destiny. Recently I’ve been learning and playing Starcraft II (first ever strategy game), but it doesn’t seem like there’s much interest in that on here.

I have to say, this forum software seems super slick so props to whichever people created it. I don’t have a ton of time during the week so I’ll mostly be playing Destiny on weekends. See you all on the battlefield!


Welcome to Strats! I played my fair share of Start Craft in the past and I just bought Starcraft II with both expansions a few weeks ago. I’m spread thin with Destiny and ArcheAge right now, but when things settle down I’m sure we can find a group for StarCraft.

I feel too old for Starcraft. I suck at RTS in my old age.

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I’m sure you are being modest. I have the feeling you thrive when you have 50 things to micromanage. @SkyhawkDelta we will have to get a group with @Vocino soon. :beers:

Starcraft does require a lot of focus though. I can’t play it when I’m drunk or tired or in a bad mood.
@tommy2118 I’d sure be nice to play with someone at some point. Some 2v2s would be nice I think. Sounds great though in the future.


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