Hello! theredthirteen reporting in!


Hello everyoone!

I joined Strats today because I recently joined their Elder Scrolls Online Guild. Let’s dive into the introduction, shall we?

About Me
Professional adult in his late 20’s who likes to unwind with video games. I work a full time job in real life with an active social live and other hobbies outside of video games, so I’m not much of a “try hard” when it comes to how serious I am with gaming. Make no mistake - one of my mantras in life is “Anything worth doing is worth over doing” and I plan to do my absolute best for the guild.

Outside of games, I enjoy spending time with my partner and taking care of our three dogs. I hit the gym regularly and also participate in other geek things like Magic: the Gathering and Pokemon (yes, I’ve caught them all!)

Games That I Play
Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited
I just barely have time for this game, but I enjoy it so much! I play on the PS4 and you’ll usually catch me on during evening hours, EST. Come say hi!

  • Khajiit/Nightblade/Aldmeri Dominion
    Primary role: Healer
    Crafting Proficiencies: Clothing, Woodworking, Provisions
    The idea of supporting and protecting my fellow players is something that appeals to me greatly (and also reflects with my personality as I currently work in the medical field in real life). I’m always down to learn, explore, and run dungeons. I also like crafting things and an open to trade and sell goods to power up the guild!

So that’s the brief run down! Looking forward to teaming up with you all!


Welcome to the :strats_green: Strats family @theredthirteen!


Thank you, thank you!


Welcome to the community!






Thank you!


Hey Red,

Welcome to Strats! I didn’t know you’re a nightblade healer, haha. That’s a really cool combo, as I don’t see a lot of NB healers around.

Support classes ftw! Lol. If you’ve got any concerns, I’m on channel 1 of guild chat, or just shoot me a message.

You’ll also notice that most of our guild members are active at night as well. So yay dungeons!


Welcome aboard @theredthirteen!

Oh man, now you have me thinking I should go looking through my house for my stack of Revised cards. Wonder if they’re worth anything?


Revised?! There are definitely some money cards in that set! Let me know if you have an inventory list or pictures - I’d be more than happy to comb through it and point out the gems!


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