Hello this is Anokuu


My name is Anokuu. I am from China and currently a piano student in US.
I started to play Trove last week and deeply addicted to it from first time playing! I met very nice people PreshusKitty and Biggles7268, they helped a lot <3
I am a Touhou fan, my name is actually An + Okuu from Touhou. I like to play fighting and action games when I am not practicing piano :wink:
I don’t really know what should I really write here, but if you have any questions you can ask me XD


welcome to strats! <3


Welcome aboard. :slight_smile:


btw I play Minecraft, pokemon, many steam games. I like pixel style games and simple, not really into high resolution 3D games > <


We have a minecraft server.


we have a minecraft server as well :3 https://forum.strats.co/t/strats-minecraft-server-whitelist/4422
and there are plenty of pokemon fans here xD i believe if you do a search on steam you should be able to find our steam group as well!


Welcome to Strats!


Welcome to the Strats fam!


Welcome! I think I played a little Trove with you last night. Glad you signed up here.




Welcome to Strats!


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