Hellow i'm T_T11223


Hi, i’m T_T11223

I’m a Canadian (East coast) student who loves playing online team games. I play PC/Mac games. I’m mostly good playing strategy TVT (team vs team) games. I spend most of my free time playing Minecraft, watching Twitch Streams (especially Strats’s Twitch Streamers) and drawing things related to video games. I’d love to play games with members of Strats that the games are free or cost money. I hope i’ll like Strats and have fun.

You can call me either TT or Night =^_^=


Twitch ISN (in stream name): T_T11223
Minecraft IGN: T_T11223 and NightcoreWaffle
(if u want my IGN in other games, you can message me and if I have the game i’ll answer.)


Hi T_T welcome to Strats!


Hey T_T, good to see you finally kicking around the halls here; let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


Welcome aboard T_T, come check out our ESO guild.


Welcome to the Dark side TT, happy to see you finally in here.


Welcome to Strats man!


Welcome aboard!


TT is one of my regulars when I stream on the weekends.

Glad you finally signed up, @T_T11223! It’s great to have you here.

Welcome to Strats! :blush:


Welcome to Strats! :smile:


Hey there, welcome!


Heya. Welcome to the group. I think I’ve seen you lurking in my stream a couple of times. Feel free to say hi anytime. I don’t bite!


Welcome Night. :slight_smile: Glad to see you here at Strats.


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