Help Building a Personal Brand



I would really like some help building some kind of personal brand. I was really looking for a custom thumbnail to put here, YouTube, Twitch, and Steam. Other asset might be needed, but for the most part I want to start a custom logo I can use elsewhere. I was really thinking about a black, white, and bronze color scheme.


You’ve sold your soul to Strats & Co. Don’t you know that you can only use Strats logos now?


You can put ur logo over the strats logo, but ur logo has to be 0% opacity.


I almost spit my drink out when i read this… probably not that funny but it was at that moment to me.


I know I sold my soul for Vocino’s cpu upgrade, but can I at least make it a D? People might get confused…


Play for the logo on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.


But my shirt says #teamstrats on the back; I’m so confused…


Yes master. I don’t see my current logo doing either though.