Help! Can't decide whether or not to buy Elite Dangerous or not



Yes I’m still on the fence about it haha. The reason why though is because I already have Star Citizen and with what they’ve added I’m happy with it but now I want to do more. For example actual bounty hunting and goods trading. Star Citizen doesn’t have that yet.
However I’m not sure I’ll enjoy the weapons or ships in ED. The lasers look underwhelming and very pew pew and wimpy. And the ships also look um… Well they look weird to me lol. I know i can get it fairly cheap but I just don’t know if I want to.
And yes I understand it’s very player driven and I’m fine with that.


Elite Dangerous is a good game. It doesn’t have the end-game vision breadth that Star Citizen does but on the plus side it’s actually complete and playable with minimal bugs.

The best time I’ve had with Elite Dangerous with with flight controls and Oculus but it’s cool regardless. You can go far with it if you’re really into space flight sim stuff.


One thing I’ve heard about ED is the breadth of multiplayer content isn’t what a lot of folks expected, but that the gameplay is pretty solid, regardless. I poached this from a positive review on Steam and think it fairly-well sums things up:

DON’T buy this game if:

  • You want a deep 4X-style game with complex mechanics or economy
  • You want a heavy story with lots of lore
  • You want a rich multiplayer experience

DO buy this game if:

  • You want to play Euro Truck Simulator on steroids
  • You enjoy dogfighting and collecting bounties/loot to upgrade your ship
  • You want a space game that has great controls, great audio/visuals, and generally captures the feeling of spaceflight very well



Thanks guys I think I’ll get it on my next pay check


I agree with this. It’s really not an epic multiplayer experience as you probably view Star Citizen. But like I said, it’s a really solid space flight sim.


Yeah. It all depends on what you’re looking for… My good friend LOVES it, but I find it kinda boring.

@Auth pretty much hit the nail on the head.


Just curious. Is Elite Dangerous done? Could some of the things that people perceive to be missing be added/fixed?

(I just bought it and am just getting started. Haven’t even purchased Horizons yet.)


It seems to me (non owner that sort of pays attention) that they have been slowly adding more and more to the game as time has gone on. I think, though, given the scope the devs seem to have gone for, it is essentially a complete game in their minds. I doubt they’ll stop iterating on it, but I think the format it currently exists in (smaller multiplayer instancing, focus on gameplay over story, etc.) are likely to stick. Sadly, these things are the very issues some people have with the game. My understanding is that the game as presented is a quality experience; some folks, however, are operating under the pretense that ED was supposed to be SC, which just isn’t (and hasn’t ever been) the case.


My friend (the one who loves the game ) sent me this message today.

So the devs have an ongoing storyline that they build within the game as they release updates. Last update contained a community goal with a puzzle that lead to an alien ship crash site. Then the two galaxy superpowers started a war (which you could participate in) in the crash site system after the empire set up a blockade on the system. Now everyone is speculating that an alien race will be put in the game and a huge war will be waged where everyone joins together to fight

on top of this, some guy randomly found a space station like 20000 ly away from the human bubble and players are going there to do missions and develop it into a second human bubble
I think it’s so cool that the game has an ongoing story that unfolds live. The players have to make it happen too cuz if they don’t work on the new station it will fail


That sounds pretty cool but it also sounds a little exaggerated. I want to get the game from g2a or kinguin since its cheaper there but then I won’t be able to get a refund if I don’t like it. I’m torn between getting ED or Battlerite. Battlerite I can always get a refund though. ED I can’t get a refund if I get it from ones of the sites I mentioned.


They’re adding stuff but i dont know what could change or what they could add to make it drastically different. Maybe make on world exploring actually interesting (that was a burn). I hope the game does well enough to actually get me to say “ok this is 100% a purchase” instead of where I am now. I’m basically 50/50 on buying it or not.


I played Bloodline Champions and liked the game. As best as I recall it was Funcom’s fault that the game failed. They didn’t properly advertise the game or support it. Seems like it went on for almost a year with no updates.

The player interest along with the Twitch support for Battlerite (which looks to be almost the exact same game as BLC) blows my mind. I don’t know if I ever watched a stream for Bloodline Champions. Right now Battlerite has 2200 viewers. The Steam reviews are amazing with 96% of almost 4,000 reviews being positive.

I haven’t played Battlerite yet but the game looks just as fun as the original. I’m glad Stunlock Studios has re-released it and I’m even happier that it is seeing good support so far.


Yea it basically takes out all the moba stuff and just leaves in all the fighting. Which is the part I like lol


Correct, Battlerite is different than the “traditional” MOBA. There is no leveling up, or laning, or killing creep. It’s a true arena where everyone picks their character and you are placed into Thunderdome.


Weeeell shit lol Elite Dangerous is on sale till Monday. It’s $20.09