Help Me Name My New Family Member!


As some of you know I’ve been wanting a kitty for a long long time. Ben and I have put it on hiatus because he is allergic, but we did some research and found some more hypoallergenic breeds. The major issue after this was most kittens are going for 1300-1500, which is seriously out of my price range. I also don’t want a kitten. I want to give an older kitty a new chance at life. So… then we met this girl.

I drove about an hour to see her Thursday. She was not super about me at first, but by the end of the first hour she was chirping and snuggling. Friday, Ben went with me and we took her home for 90 bucks. He has had no reaction to her which has been lovely. She is a retired breeder, so while she is very sweet, she isn’t too sure of the apartment. Last night she was a puddle in my lap but today she was more hidey under the couch.

It was funny because she was setting off my motion camera all day while we went to aquarium and she was cracking me up. She’s definitely a little explorer when we are not around. I’m hoping to give this older lady a new lease on life and to have a new cuddle buddy now that I’m living alone!

The breeders were calling her Coda, but she doesn’t really respond to that. Honestly, she has been in a sort of cage for most of her life. She was allowed limited time to roam but was producing around 3 litters a year. I feel this is a little excessive, but oh well. She is a little playful girl and very tiny. After her last litter was stillborn, the breeders decided to rehome her.

We still haven’t named her. We are waffling between Cinder (my fav), Opal, Ashe, and Nebula. I’m also open to hear any advice for getting an older kitty to bond with me!



When playing my Summoner on Blade & Soul (they had a cat familiar/pet), I named mine Mittens McGee. But my cat had mittens. It doesn’t look like yours has actual mittens.

The cats living in my house are Libby and Fletcher. Both respond very well to their names but I’ve been using their names since they were just a few months old.

My wife says to pick some Asian gamer chick name since it’s Siamese. Maybe Chun-Li. Or Jackie Chan.



I vote for one of these :wink:

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Copano, she looks like a gangsta from prohi times.

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She looks so grumpy right? Actually she is one of the most curious cats I’ve ever seen. I have a motion detector in the apartment with a camera and it’s been great because I can watch her when I’m not home. She’s very hidey right now, but when she comes out she’s very curious and loves to explore. I hope she warms up to me soon enough. I haven’t been able to get her to even take treats from me yet.



Surprised you didn’t choose some Pokemon name.

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Skitty or Espurr would be the obvious options from that list :wink:

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srsly that’s a name

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Ben has seriously been pushing for Skitty but no lol. :stuck_out_tongue: The only video game name I am open to for her (so far) is Tracer.



Mei Mei would be a great name.

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I think I have decided on Ash. :slight_smile:



Getting her to bond with you is going to take time, cats like to do things on their own schedule. Leaving her alone while she settles into her new home might help, she’ll come to you when she wants some attention.

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I will give this a like. That just might be my name.

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Cute cat! You did the right thing adopting an older kitty. I’m sure she will warm up to you fast



My votes are still with:
Fidel Catstro
or Oedipuss



Ash is cute but her colors makes me think something more like Cinnamon or Cinna, for short :slight_smile:

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Welp as of tomorrow I will have had her a week and she’s a total lap cat now. I woke up with her on her back sleeping next to me. She has become quite a wonderful roommate. :slight_smile:



awww! need more pictures! <3



I’ll take some with my nice camera this weekend :slight_smile: