Help Save Poofy Kitten!


Hi all,

My dad takes care of the various cats that belong to no one but live in his trailer park. A few weeks ago, his neighbor’s kids put this tiny kitten on his doorstep, where he cried out until 4am when my dad discovered him.

Poofball, as my dad has named him, was a mere four weeks old, had a bad respiratory infection and his eyes were mostly gunked shut. He had obviously been away from his mother for some time: the neighbor kids found him blindly wandering across a street, and Poof was very underfed.

He has since been restored to health and relative happiness, but his left eye, which is blind, has become infected. The vet says it needs to be removed. My dad is a huge softie, but lives on a tight fixed income.

We’re trying to raise the money to get Poof taken care of. Poof was only 4 weeks old when my dad found him. He hasn’t had a chance at having any sort of life. Please help us get his eye removed so he can be a happy, healthy kitten, and to help keep my dad’s heart from breaking.